28 Mar 2019

Full-Time English Teachers for Shengda College – Large Foreign Staff – HENAN, CHINA (7000-9000RMB)


Job Description

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Why Teach at Shengda?

Founded in 1994, Shengda College was initially a branch of Zhengzhou University, Henan’s only elite university under China’s “211 Project”. In the spring of 2011, Shengda College qualified for secession and is now well on its way to becoming a full-fledged university.

Shengda’s reputation in accounting, international trade, and foreign languages makes it one of the most sought after schools by prospective Henan students. Furthermore, Shengda is known for its relatively high job acceptance rate after graduation.

Foreign teachers live in a sizable community of about 13 foreign colleagues. Teachers can also enjoy an indoor English Corner that is managed by a foreign teacher and contains movie/TV rooms, a non-alcoholic bar, and year-round air conditioning.

Henan’s historical significance will give visitors an authentic Chinese experience. This province rests on 4000 years of history starting from China’s first dynasty, the Xia Dynasty. Tourist sites include the Shaolin Temple, the Buddhist caves of the Longmen Grottoes, and the scenic areas of the Yuntai Mountains and Baligou Valley.

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Teacher Testimonials

  • “I think one of the unique reasons to work at Shengda College is that foreign teachers have the same accommodations and facilities like fitness, media, computer and study rooms as the students. These are effective access points to get to know the students better and gain their confidence. Another reason is the support of the FAO in creating a friendly atmosphere and comfortable environment. I am elated that the FAO staff is assisting in passport issues, work permits, day trips and Saturday shopping.”
  • “Personally, I am very much inspired by the students to continue to teach at Shengda College. They come to learn and respect the classroom environment. I am impressed by how they respond to me. They genuinely enjoy practicing English and I learn a lot from them about the Chinese culture.”
  • “At Shengda, I enjoy the advantages of living in a small town near rural areas, but I still have easy access to a big city with its advantages. Having listened to foreign teachers from other schools talk about their Foreign Affairs Officers, I think Shengda’s are among the friendliest, most understanding, generous and helpful in China. I have more job security at Shengda than I’d have at many other schools.”
  • “The school is not located in a big, noisy city, a better location, still a suburb of Zhengzhou. We still have various shops outside the school to buy food etc. School campus environment is pleasant, lots of trees, lakes. Students are good and never cause any trouble. Teachers have freedom in preparing their own lessons. Salary is paid on time, don’t have to chase it up. Weekends are free of classes.”
  • “LongHu is a multi-school community. A simple thing like – there are 5 places now in LongHu where I can buy a Western-style pizza (very close to the school) and more clubs and things to do – as the town develops and grows. LongHu is becoming more convenient and important.”


Summary of Advantages (written by Shengda Staff)

  1. Visas – Shengda does a good job of taking care of all the costs and details of getting the teachers their work/residency visas on time.
  2. Salary – Shengda always pays their teachers salary on time and the amount that was agreed to.
  3. The students at Shengda behave respectfully toward their foreign teachers.
  4. All of the classes we teach are on one campus within walking distance from our apartments.
  5. The Shengda campus is clean and beautiful.
  6. Shengda has an excellent English Corner, exceeding all others in the area.
  7. Each semester, the Shengda Foreign Affairs Office provides an expense-paid trip for all of its foreign teachers to a scenic area in the Henan Province. The foreign teachers are often invited to represent Shengda at official dinners of the local and regional government and on other special occasions. In addition, the Foreign Affairs Office sponsors a party in the common room or dinner at a restaurant each semester for the foreign teachers.
  8. Teachers who do well, receive a teaching bonus after the end of each semester.
  9. The apartments provided by Shengda for its foreign teachers are comfortable, well furnished, and in the safe and clean on-campus environment.
  10. Shengda has a curriculum for every class and provides textbooks for each teacher. The teachers are expected to teach the curriculum provided them. However, Shengda does allows the teachers to exercise a reasonable amount of their own creativity in presenting the materials to the students.

Foreign English Specialist Job Description

~ One year contract (August to June)

~ Workload: 15 teaching hours (18 periods) + 2 English Corner hours per week

~ Courses: Oral English, English Writing

~ Class sizes: Up to 30 for oral classes and 50 for writing classes


~ Native English speakers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand preferred

~ Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher

~ Certification: TESOL/TEFL (except for Education or English majors)

~ Experience: At least two years of teaching experience or TESOL Certificate (check on which one’s accepted)

Salary and Benefits Package

~ Monthly salary: 7000-9000RMB (based on experience and qualifications)

~ Flight reimbursement: Round-trip airfare

~ Free Accommodation: Private, fully furnished apartments for singles or couples

~ Paid Utilities: Water, power, and internet

~ Paid Holidays/Vacations: 3 holidays per semester; Spring Festival (5 weeks)

~ Travel Bonus: 1500RMB

~ Healthcare: Comprehensive medical insurance



1. Where will I live?
As soon as you arrive at our college, you can move into your new apartment. It will be arranged by the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO). All Foreign Teachers reside in the new Foreign Teachers Building. All apartments have a private bathroom and kitchen. Singles are provided a studio/bed-sit type apartment. Couples are provided with a one-bedroom apartment with a study and living room.

2. Would I have a private apartment (no roommate) in this building?

3. Is the apartment heated and air-conditioned?
Yes, but you may want to purchase extra heaters during the winter months.

4. Do I have to pay for electricity and water, or does the College cover these costs?
The College covers the cost of all bills(except telephone and drinking water).

5. Is the apartment fully furnished?
Yes. All apartments come fully furnished with a full sized bed, linens, fully equipped kitchen (includes electric burner, microwave, refrigerator, wok and pot with vegetable steamer), private bathroom with Western style toilet and shower, desk, table, chairs, wardrobe, end tables, A/C, heater, cable TV and washing machine (no dryer).

6. Is there laundry service available on campus (reasonably priced) where I can take bed linen and clothes to be washed and ironed?
Yes. It is a short 2-minute walk from the Foreign Teachers Building, on campus. There are also two other locations in Long Hu, outside of campus.

7. Is hot water available at all times?
No. Hot water is only available from 10am to 12pm during the fall/spring terms.

8. Is bed linen provided – sheets, pillows, blankets – and are the sheets changed once a week?
Bed linen is provided, but you must wash your own sheets.

9. Is a telephone, computer with a printer and internet connection provided?
All apartments come with a telephone. Calls made to campus numbers are free. Any calls made outside of campus must be paid by you. All apartments have internet access. You are encouraged to bring your own computer for your personal use. The College provides an internet café with computers and a printer for Foreign Teachers. We recommend bringing a flash drive to save your work. There are copy shops on Campus and in Long Hu where you can purchase paper, print and copy teaching materials at a very affordable price.

10. What can I expect when I arrive?
FAO will arrange a school bus to pick you up from either the Airport or Zhengzhou Railway Station. The building managers, Mary and Mr. Dai, will have your apartment ready for you. The FAO will arrange an orientation and campus tour to help you settle into your new environment.


How to Apply

Apply here: www.academicsinasia.com/apply-now/

Shengda has requested these documents: your resume, a copy of your passport photo page, diploma, and teaching certificate. You may zip them together or upload them in the reference letter section.

Contact Aaron Vorbau at aaron@academicsinasia.com to follow up on your application and to be connected to the hiring office at Shengda College.


Visit Shengda’s website at http://www.shengda.edu.cn/en/


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Picture of Campus



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