11 May 2022

Full-Time Hiring Coordinator of International Operations at Sias University


Job Description

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Want to teach in China while learning culture/language and time to travel? 

Hiring Coordinator of International Operations for an American-style University in China

No teaching experience or ability to speak Chinese required.

Have you ever said you would be willing to serve overseas? Would you like to join a large Christian community overseas?

We are interested in people with a variety of backgrounds, but we are especially looking for those with experience or college degrees who love travel, are flexible and enjoy mentorship. We are looking for people who desire to travel and have a heart to mentor students [teaching experience preferred, but not required].

Watch our intro video to learn if this community of intentional adventurers is what you are called to join: www.youtube.com/academicsinasia/


Job Description

The Coordinator of International Operations (CIO) acts as a liaison between the Chinese administration and the international faculty on the SiasU campus.  The CIO leads, manages and facilitates the SiasU’ international faculty community, providing professional administrative-leadership as the campus’ main international leader.  Primary responsibilities consist of working closely with the director of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) in identifying, planning and developing departmental priorities, management of day to day operations, and enforcement of the university rules, regulations and contracts while meeting the unique needs of the international faculty on campus.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensures the stability of international operations by implementing and enforcing international faculty contracts and applicable university policies and procedures in relation to international faculty
  • Responsible for day to day overseeing of operations management of international faculty including, but not limited to the areas of conflict resolution, reimbursement, culture trips, health issues, special projects and administrative services.
  • In collaboration with the OIA director and necessary academic departments, determine staffing needs and insuring that sufficient quality international faculty numbers are maintained each semester.
  • Oversee a hiring committee each spring to ensure that qualified, competent, committed, good-character new international teachers are recruited each year
  • Play a leading role in the hiring process of new teachers each year; Assess applicants through recruitment, applications and interviews to ensure that the best possible candidates are found for each job opening.
  • Assist newly hired teachers through the visa process; assuring that visa documents are collected in a timely manner, paperwork is processed quickly, answer questions and generally make sure that new hires make as smooth of a transition to China as possible.
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring, evaluation and assessment of current international faculty in conjunction with academic and housing departments to ensure optimum human resource efficiency and productivity
  • Play leading role in management and development of direct-reporting coordinators.  Communicate with other international departmental coordinators so as to understand all necessary aspects and needs of operational development as well as to ensure coordinators are fully informed of operational and personnel objectives, purposes and directives from OIA.
  • Supervise the participation and involvement of international faculty in all Sias activities, programs and events calling for international faculty participation.  This includes activities and events on campus as outlined in the international faculty contract, as well as off campus outings.
  • Serve as the main contact and conduit for current and prospective international connections towards the goal of university enhancement, recognition and development.
  • Organize information for the monthly international faculty meeting, in which the responsibility is to create and determine meeting agenda, ensure orderly conduct and allocate for suitable time per item.
  • Responsible for planning and regulating an annual international faculty orientation for both new and returning international faculty each year.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Oversee the collection and processing of visa paperwork
  • Process international faculty requests, such as pay discrepancies, request for leave, housing, medical, reimbursement, transportation and guest accommodations.
  • Maintain clear records for each international teacher who comes to work at Sias
  • Ability to activate and organize the community in a time of crisis and take steps, using good judgment, to resolve issues and provide solutions
  • Use PowerPoint, Excel, word, outlook and e-mail.

Working Conditions

  • Work will be performed in an office provided in the OIA department, with desk, printer and all necessary office supplies to complete assigned task
  • Some work may be performed from home
  • Some work duties will require availability outside of normal work hours, including evenings or weekends.
  • On emergency call during off hours


Requirements: www.academicsinasia.com/employment/

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred.
  • Overseas experience preferred.
  • Approved TEFL or similar certificates preferred.
  • We give preference to those with international experience, have a history of being a role model for students, and are patient and flexible when cultural differences create tension or strain.
  • New employees need to be between 21-64 years old




We are hiring 40+ teachers. Academics in Asia (AIA) is the exclusive recruiting branch of Sias International University (Sias)!  Sias employs the most foreign faculty of any school in China with 130 foreign faculty and 50 dependent spouses and children. Sias is taking applications now for ESL and Business teachers who would teach from mid-August to mid-June every year. Sias hires 35-45 teachers every year and refers out 30 more teachers every year to partner schools throughout Asia.

Jobs offer 2-3 months holiday to explore Asia! The holidays are a week in Fall and Spring, 5-7 weeks long in the Winter and 8 weeks off during the Summer. Get to know us through this intro video:

Watch Intro Video: https://youtu.be/bU-PUsGjAvU

DEADLINE: Please apply by Open til Filled: www.academicsinasia.com/apply-now/

Yearly Openings: 


Faculty Demographics:

We have 130 foreign faculty teachers and 11 Foreign Administrators and 50 dependents (children and non-working spouses). 22 Families, 10 couples without children and about 70 single teachers. 80% of foreign communities are Americans and the rest are Canadian, Filipino, Indian, Jamaican, Hong Kong, Russian, Japanese, Mexican, Korean and German. See pictures: www.academicsinasia.com/employment/

About Sias University: Sias International University (Sias) birthed from the vision of Christian entrepreneur, Shawn Chen, to create an “East Meets West” experience. Sias is the first American-owned university in Central China and employs 130 foreign faculty, the most of any school in China, with 50 dependent spouses and children. The average teacher stays for 4 years and 25-30% turnover creates 30-40 openings per year.  Yearly we have openings for 15-20 Oral English teachers, 15-20 Business Teachers and 3-4 Elementary school teachers. 



About Academics In Asia: AcademicsInAsia.com (AIA) is the recruiting branch of Sias. AIA also refers teachers to 10+ partner schools. AIA’s goal is to provide the best orientation and cultural experience for foreign teachers to benefit both the teacher and the students. This includes new teacher orientation at Sias for all the partner schools and cross-cultural training called Long-term Impact Training (LIT). Learn more at www.academicsinasia.com and our partner school openings at www.jobs.academicsinasia.com.  




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Sias University Contacts: academicsinasia.com/meet-the-team
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US: +1 209-877-SIAS (7427)
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Michael Cho
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Michael@ academicsinasia.com

Got questions? See our FAQ answers for Sias University:

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