13 May 2014

Full-Time [FILLED] Teachers in International Trade and Marketing for Qingdao Binhai University

AaronQingdao, Shandong, China

Job Description


Qingdao Binhai University

Location, Location, Location:

Qingdao, Shandong, China



  • International trade and commerce teacher
  • Marketing teacher

Requirement for International Teachers

1、  Native speaker of the language he/she teaches.
2、 Holding a Bachelor’s or higher degree.
3、 Be in a good health.
4、 Be secured by disease and life insurance before entering China.

Salary and Treatment

Salary and treatment will be offered complying with the Provisions of Administrative Measures issued by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and be determined specifically according to the individual circumstances of international employees.





    The motto of Binhai is Everyone is talented, everyone is valuable. We determine to help our students to fulfill their characters and unleash their intelligence potential.

Campus Pictures

Campus Spring Campus Spring Campus Spring
Campus Spring Campus Spring Campus Spring
Campus Spring Zonta teaching building Spring
Campus Spring Zonta teaching building Spring
Spring Campus Spring like the deep sea Global Village
Spring Campus Spring like the deep sea Global Village
Fei Yuting Institute of Building Beautiful campus
Fei Yuting Institute of Building Beautiful campus
Matilda teaching building Mushroom Pavilion Corner of South Campus
Matilda teaching building Mushroom Pavilion Corner of South Campus
Cohesion Warm spring afternoon Rose bloom
Cohesion Warm spring afternoon Rose bloom
Peony flowers West Campus Apartments West Campus academic buildings along the street
Peony flowers West Campus Apartments West Campus academic buildings along the street
Campus corner Overlooking the campus Cherry
Campus corner Overlooking the campus Cherry
Cherry Winter jasmine Winter jasmine
Cherry Winter jasmine Winter jasmine
Winter jasmine open Administration building overlooking Wisteria gallery
Winter jasmine open Administration building overlooking Wisteria gallery
Wisteria gallery Wisteria Sung Tak House
Wisteria gallery Wisteria Sung Tak House
Lake Cuiliu Under lesson Wisteria

Brief Introduction of Qingdao Binhai University

Qingdao Binhai University, founded in 1992, was approved by the Ministry of Education as the first private vocational college in 1999 in Shandong province. In 2005, it was upgraded to be one of the first private universities in Shandong province and in 2009 qualified to award bachelor’s degrees. It consists of 14 faculties, including Fundamental Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Science, Fundamental Vocational Faculty of Arts, Fundamental Vocational Faculty of Science, Faculty of Adult Education, Faculty of International Cooperation, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Information and Engineering, Faculty of Software and Outsource Services, Faulty of Mechatronic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Education and Medical Faculty, which offer 40 specialties for undergraduates and 37 for vocational students, and 4 provincial feature specialties and 16 provincial quality courses. The university currently enrolls over 16,000 full-time students, including more than 100 overseas students.


Fresh ideas and pioneering work

Qingdao Binhai University is the first private university in Shandong Province since the foundation of PRC. For more than 20 years, we always adhere to the educational mission by “considering the developing education and nurturing students as our duty and aiming at running the school to benefit both the nation and the people”. We consist on the educational ideas of “morality first and conduct second” and that “every one has his talent and every one can be cultivated into a useful man”. We follow the principle of “benefiting the success of students, the development of a university (or teachers) and the progress of the society”. We have the work standards of “Strictness, Accuracy and Pragmaticism”, and the school-running features about “putting moral education on the list of priority, edifying students with excellent culture, carrying on the administration about complementariness of leniency and strictness” and the targeting about “cultivating students to be modern citizens with noble morality, practical manner, initiative spirit and creative mind”. We have been advancing with the fresh ideas as the guideline and dedicated to forging the brand of fame. Qingdao Binhai University has been recognized as National Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, Base of Chinese Youth Virtue Association, Base of Moral Education Study for Private Universities in Shandong Province, Model of Moral Education. In the past years, it has been awarded as Civilized Campus in Shandong Province, Excellent University of Virtue Education, One of Top Ten Socially Recognized University, One of Top Ten Promising Universities for Employment, Model School in Cooperation with Enterprises, National Model School for Employment, One of Top Ten Influential Private Universities, One of Top Ten Branded Private Universities, China Excellent Private School in Higher Education and so on.


Sufficient facilities and qualified faculty

The university is located in the center of New District of Qingdao, and is only a 15-minute drive from the railway station. It covers an area of 1015 mu planning with gross floor area is 480,000 square meters. The total asset is more than RMB 1200 million yuan and the total value of the teaching apparatus is over RMB 120 million yuan. There are three libraries, which maintain a collection of more than 1.65 million books, 5600 computers, and there are at least 5000 seats in the reading room. The university has 9361 seats in multi-media classroom, 1380 seats in audio-visual classroom, 4 academic halls and 1 auditorium with 1600 seats. There are also 2 comprehensive playgrounds, 15 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 8 volleyball courts, 12 badminton courts, 1 indoor stadium, 1 natatorium with a 25m×50m swimming pool, and one physical training room. The university has a 16,000 square meters museum, including the Ceramic Hall, Chinese and Foreign Painting Hall, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Hall, Root Caning Hall, Science Hall, Nature Hall, School History Hall, Education History Hall, Animal Specimens Hall. Our university Museum is known as the urban and provincial excellent popular science base.

The 66-tall buildings, including science and technology building, the global village, central library, teaching building, display the distinctive architectural features, reflect the profound cultural heritage. There are 4 artificial lakes on campus:in spring weeping willows around the lake, in summer lotus full of the pond, in autumn laurel blossoms of heavy fragrance, in winter frozen waterfalls hanging. Winter jasmine, peony flowers, azaleas, cherry blossoms are vying quiet with each other for beauty, brilliant purples and reads, and the campus is so picturesque. Insisting on the strategy of developing universities through talents, the university recruits first-class teachers in every possible way.

Among a faculty and staff of over 1055 are 892 full-time teachers(including 487 teachers who have got doctoral degrees or master’s degree), and the percentage of the teachers with the degree doctor or master is 55% of the  total amount of the teachers.. There are 70 professors and 217 associate professors, of which 24 doctoral or master’s supervisors. In addition, there are more than 100 part-time teachers with the professional titles of professor or associate professor and 38 foreign teachers from the United States, Canada, Australia,Germany, France, Spain, Russia, South Korea, and Japan,etc.. Our university has been under the Pilot reform strategy to become the University of Applied Technologies taken by the Ministry of Education.


Cultivating with merits and strengthening with ability.

Qingdao Binhai University sticks to students-centered education and the moral education for the first, and develops with morality and characteristics. Even it adheres to the school-running characteristics of “putting virtue education on the list of priority, edifying the students with excellent culture, and carrying on the administration of combining strictness and leniency”, and education concept that “everyone has his talent and everyone can be cultivated into a useful man to the society”. Therefore, the university has been awarded as the first “Civilized Campus” and “Excellent Virtue Education University” among the same kind of universities in Shandong Province. “The experiences and inspiration of character education oriented about our university” have been widely reported by People’s Daily, Guangming Daily and CCTV.

We have been seeking quality-oriented education, implementing Academic Credit System. All the students are allowed to freely choose the specialties,the courses the teachers,and the period of schooling they like. Anyone who completes the credit hours regulated is allowed to graduate early.

We have set up several experimental centers, including University Physics Experiment Center, Electrotechnics & Electronics Experiment Center, Basic Polytechnique Experiment Center, Metallic Materials Experiment Center, Engineering Training Experiment Center, Economical Management Experiment Center, Mass Media Experiment Center, Information Technology Experiment Center, International Language & Culture Practice Teaching Demonstration Center, Medical Care Experiment Center, Pre-school Education Experiment Center and so on. We also established the industry-university-research entities, such as Mechatronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Broadcast Television Media, Medical Care, Pre-school Education, E-Business, Tourism Management, Anime Art. We pay attention to the construction of internal and external practice base, which amounts to 102, and students’ practice periods account for 40% of all.

We attach great importance to the students’ literal education and the training of various base skills, such as Putonghua speaking training, computer operating skill training, typing skill training and English listening and speaking skill training. All the students in Binhai University have to pass the examinations mentioned above before their graduation. In addition, the university has been approved by the Ministry of Education as the test center for CET-4, CET-6, TEM-4, TEM-8, and test center for Japanese Majors (band 4 and band 8), HSK, National Computer Rank Examination and one National Mandarin (Putonghua) Promotion Test Station. The students can conveniently attend the tests to get one or several professional certificates and licenses, such as customs officers, tourist guides, etc..

The University has cultivated more than 54,000 students so far, and the brand of “Binhai graduates” is highly welcomed by the employing companies. The employment rate has maintained a high level. According to statistics from Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the employment rate in our university ranked No. 4 among 57 universities and colleges in Shandong province in 2009. No. 3 in 2010 and No.2 in 2011. The rate of employment in 2012 even reached 98.3%, hitting a record higher. The enrollment rate for postgraduate examination has broken through 45% for four consecutive years, out of which 35% are enrolled by those famous universities of “985” and “221”.



Great ambition and blueprints for development

The university has three-step development strategies to be a famous one like Qinghua University. The first step is that, the overall strength of the university is to rank among the top private higher institutions in Shandong Province and the university becomes a leading one with nationwide reputation in 2012, when we celebrate its 20th anniversary. Secondly, the overall strength of the university is to rank above the medium level among the undergraduate institutions within Shandong Province in 2022, making it a famous private university in Shandong Province and in China, when we celebrate its 30th anniversary. Finally, we will strive to make it one of the first-class private universities at its 50th anniversary in 2042. Our aim of development strategies is that we will make Binhai University a century elite at its 100th anniversary.


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